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Our web and social media marketing services include site design, content development, production, programming and SEO, including site analytics, monitoring, reporting and pay-per-click advertising. Linking and managing facebook pages, linkedin accounts, google+, newsfeeds and and blogs have become search engine favorites.

Web Ads

Pay-Per-Click allows new sites to get faster exposure on search engines by buying sponsored listings for instant results.

There are two major types of pay-per-click advertising: search display ads and display network ads.

The PPC services listed below are the most common and largest in the U.S.

google adwords

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is currently the largest PPC engine. It boasts an auction model similar to Yahoo! and MSN. Google AdWords sponsored listings can be found in the top 3 listings and the right hand column of Google's search results. Google Ads are also distributed to partners such as AOL, Ask Jeeves, Netscape, and others.


Yahoo! Search Marketing (formerly Overture)

As one of the original PPC engines, Overture was created as a spin-off of IdeaLab in 1997. It held a leadership position in the search engine advertising space for several years, until it was acquired by Yahoo! in 2003. Recently, it has been updated with advanced capabilities similar to Google's bidding and advertising model. Yahoo! Search Marketing partners also include AltaVista and AlltheWeb.

msn adcenter


MSN now offers its own PPC platform. Previously, MSN Search displayed Overture and Yahoo! PPC ads, but now MSN provides users with its own PPC engine, Microsoft adCenter. These results are displayed on the Windows Live network and searches originating from the Windows Vista operating system.



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